Kids Buy A Scooter Worth Rs 62,000 For Their Father With Only 10 Rupee Coins


It would be evident to say that if you’re determined and have consistent will then you can achieve anything. Well, what comes as a great news is that, a 13-year-old boy from majestic Rajasthan’s Udaipur city took the staff of Showroom and whole city by surprise by purchasing a brand new scooter just by a bag full of coins. The guy with his sister was saving his pocket money for over two years and bought a brand-new Scooter with coins of Rs. 10 denomination. The staff at the Honda agency refused to sell the scooter to the kids, but after listening to their story, the finally decided to accept the coins.

Kids Bought Honda Activa 4G as GiftThe scooter was worth Rs. 62000/- and it took over 2.5 hours by the staff to count the coins. These days parents do everything in their power to provide their kids with the best of comforts. Well, few fortunate parents get children like these, both brother and sister saved their money to gift a scooter to their father.
These kids bought the Scooter for their Father so that he can go to work comfortably. Bit by bit, pieces by pieces through love and affection, the duo saved their money to surprise their dad, genuinely beautiful and noble right? By breaking all the stereotypes, by ignoring their self-lucrative demands, these kids from Udaipur city have saved a significant chunk of money for their father, and this is totally unheard before. Just imagine the happiness of their dad when he saw that his kids are saving for him and that too from the last two years. The story deserves an array of applause and appreciation by all of us.

Showroom Staff counting coins

The staff at showroom sat together and started counting the coins, and they asked the kids about why they collected only 10 rupees coins? The duo went on answering that they have a liking of the coins and they swore not to use a single coin from the collection for their use. After the successful completion of counting, the staff happily handed over the keys to the kids and their father whose eyes were filled with tears of happiness.


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