10 Ways we GUARANTEE which will BEAT YOUR STRESS.


Stress is a very common problem faced by each one of us for certain issues like a job, home life, loans/bills and lots of other things which can lead us to become negative and indirectly damage yourself by not sleeping properly, eating unhealthy, being out all the day and lots of other things.

But we can overcome stress no matter what, we all have stress and we are never going to live with it forever it’s just temporary because when we learn cure to treat stress then we learn the formula for a better life.

I’ll be sharing some 10 amazing tricks to overcome stress which will definitely help you

1. Make a proper schedule. 

If your schedule isn’t managed properly then it’s obvious stress is coming on your way because you don’t know what and how will you complete the further task, so for not stressing over it you should make a strict schedule where you’ll be giving time to routines based on how much time does it take to finish it. Stay committed to it and once you manage and run your schedule properly, you’ll realize you don’t stress over the same thing again.


2. Keep your self-active

There are so many things to explore that even 100 years won’t be enough and you decide to sit and stress over one similar thing or the daily routine thing always? you should defiantly get over it and try something new for example joining various type of class from singing, be playing guitar or it can be anything maybe even go for daily walks, play a sport, do running, start doing gym and I bet you it’ll surely help you to reduce all the stress.


3. Add more fun to live.

Maybe you’re not able to do something which you like or admire it can be anything from playing video games, cycling, going out for long walks/driving or anything which you like it but couldn’t do because of the busy schedule. But now you should start doing that thing even for a little time a day it’s fine but do it because it’ll bring positivity and help you to beat stress.


4. Manage your finances.

If you are paying for so many things at once from various bills, rents or doing buying basically spending money on unnecessary things then you are not only spending your money but increasing your stress. Because you’ll need to work more to bring back all the money you spend on unnecessary things. So only spend on what you need and for your happiness but that too with proper plans and if you really need it or not then lots of money will be saved and no overstressing to earn money as well.


5. One thing at a time. 

Doing many things together can distract you but doing one single thing at a time can make you more focused and lead to better quality of the work, so if you’re double tasking while work then you’re actually adding stress to it so give ever work time for example if you have to make a report then start working on it rather than gossiping with your friends or doing some other work side by side. Just focus on one thing at a time and it’ll not stress you for sure.


6. Develop healthy habits.

You must be eating lot’s of junk food or even unhealthy food so frequently which damages your health and starts developing stress in yourself so rather than that start developing healthy habits like eating veggies, fruits, having juice, drinking more water and running daily if you develop healthy habits then you’ll eventually beat stress easily.


7. Do something that calms you.

We all love something that can calm us and it can be anything from taking a shower, taking a nap, meditation, listening to music or maybe even washing your vehicle, while doing your most liked activity for longer than five minutes by focusing on it then you’ll feel certain positivity inside you which will cherish and make you a happy person so keep doing these things often and beat your stress.


8. Declutter.

It becomes interesting day by day where you just have to spare 20-30 minutes and go through a room, getting rid of unwanted stuff and anything that’s unnecessary but taking too much of place in the room, get rid of it and you’ll find a very pleasant and calming environment, keep doing this activity as you’ll get rid of unwanted kinds of stuff and a fun activity to beat your stress.


9. Do what’s important.

You might be doing lots of things just because of commitment or any other purpose which are not needed or can be avoided, by doing this you just add stress so you should stop doing unnecessary things and focused on main work so things will be managed peacefully and you’ll not stress but be more manageable.


10. Laugh out openly.

A good laugh lowers your cortisol, stress, hormones and brings more positiveness which brings more fun to your mood and you’ll get rid of negativity if you laugh out loud, must try it and I bet you’ll feel very happy.


If you follow these 10 habits then we bet you will overcome stress and be very happy and positive.

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