10 Most STRONGEST BODYBUILDERS who will inspire you TO WORK OUT


Thes days people are getting a lot into bodybuilding and it has got out of control with a motivation that “Bigger is better” but when it comes to most impressive physiques of bodybuilders.  Old days bodybuilding was not only based on the size it was even about aesthetics and proportionality. They didn’t only focus on the body to judge a bodybuilder but now it’s like the body speaks it all. Most of the bodybuilders even take a various type of medicines, do laboratories to have a good body and here are some Top 10 most impressive bodybuilders.

1. Flex Wheeler.

One of the biggest bodybuilder of all the time who has won 17 professional titles and even won the Arnold Classic a record that too for four times later Arnold even described him saying he is one of the most amazing bodybuilders, Flex is the inspiration of so many bodybuilders.


2. Shawn Ray

His name itself has become the definition of proportion and balance, It’s shocking to know he didn’t win one Mr.Olympia title with a body like that, He has amazing talent to win the audience and always comes in top 5 places of Olympias.


3. Dexter Jackson.

Winner of 2008 Olympia in 200for so many years8 after finishing in top 4 for years, he even got a nickname that is “The Blade” because, for his razor cuts, he even has become the inspiration of so many bodybuilders.


4. Lee Haney.

By tipping the scales at 250 pounds, Haney was advanced thal all his competitors, yet walked on stage with an 8=pack razor body,  he is huge numbers of fan following and recognized everywhere.

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold probably one of the most common bodybuilders recognized by everyone since he won his first Olympia with hearts of the nation. Arnold’s combination of size and muscular landed him as one of the highest paid celebrity.


6. Kevin Levrone.

Kevil Levrone had a very heavy set of arms and delts along with a very impressive body, he had a nickname of “The Maryland Muscle Machine” he even placed second at the Olympia four times.


7. Ronnie Coleman.

He won his first Olympia title in 1998 when 6X Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates retired and Paul Dillett collapsed on stage. Ronnie was having a very tough competition with Shawn Ray, Nasser EL Sonbaty and Kevin Levrone but he managed to win anyhow.


8. Frank Zane.

At only 190 pounds, he was aesthetically good to the eye as you can get and didn’t look like a grotesque bulky bodybuilder that much of sport has been reckoned with in today’s time due to heavy medicines and importance on the body to win bodybuilding titles. When we use “Zanelike” as such, anyone whose name should be on the list is none other than Frank Zane.


9. Franko Columbu.

Nickname is  “The Sardinian Strongman”, Franco Columbu really defied genetics in an age where the training methods were not that advance like now but he still managed to be updated. Columbu had a really amazing body with large muscle bellies he won over the bodybuilding and even Mr. Olympias.


10. Phil Heath

The current Mr.Olympia and who even won four consecutive times from 2011-2014, his structure is really impressive with huge delts, a tiny waist, chiseled midsection and big arms.


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