Anxiety is a healthy emotion that everyone feels at times it can, however, make you negative and reduce your capacity to cope with tasks or feelings of anxiety, there are certain ways which can really help you to overcome anxiety.

1. Identify the reason behind your anxiety 

There can be many reasons behind your anxiety or maybe even one but they always are a problem, reasons can be anything from meeting new classmates, a party, exam, giving a public speech and lots of other things. When you are cleared for the reason which is giving you anxiety then it’ll become very easy for you to fight it.


2. Consider the worst

It sounds weird but it’s true for example if you’re about to give a public speech and you start having an anxiety attack then consider what worst can happen? be true to yourself and think about all the possibilities. Later you’ll become very clear about how fake it is and you will eventually boost your confidence.


3. Focus on positivity

If you think something negative is happening then think about any positive thing which you will learn from it or how it can build you? because negative moments build us very strongly, if you find positivity in the negative situation then it’ll become your weapon to win over negativity.


4. Avoid making everything personal

If you keep blaming yourself for little things then you become your enemy, it is not acceptable because if you become your own enemy then how will you overcome? for that you should start loving yourself even in any worst situation don’t blame yourself! if you broke your iPod? that’s fine it happens you have new motivation to save/earn more money and to buy a new one with more experience to take better care. Learn from anything and stop blaming but start loving yourself.


5. Do any sports or exercise

Anxiety probably makes you worried and stressed a lot but to overcome that you need to do any sports or exercise which will keep you active and bring more happiness, positivity, energy to your life and you will have many things to focus on.


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