This fancy place gives you money to move there!


These days property rates have increased in a drastic way that many don’t even make a move to buy one because of the unnecessary rates. But what if you get money to live somewhere?? Yes, money Find out how.

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Italian town Candela is offering people £2000 that is 1.5 lacs to move there. Which actually is a very good deal because Candela is a very ancient place with lots of monuments and a rich history.

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Mayor Nicola said that he works every day with the responsibility to bring Candela ancient magnificence back and that he is very committed to his work. But there are few criteria which are meant to be followed very strictly and they are.

1: The residents should be ready to rent a house

2: the person should have minimum 7500£ annual income.

Just by following these criteria you can get help and to move in this amazing place which actually is a better deal and a treasure for all the traveler out there!


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